Each week we meet a property figure from a different age bracket. Claer Barrett meets Mickey Fiori, 22, a graduate surveyor at London-based Aston Rose. Who do you work for and what do you do? Having escaped the family business, the Fino’s group of restaurants, I joined the management department of Aston Rose last March. I am six months into studying for an MSc in real estate, then I’ll take the assessment of professional competence to become a chartered surveyor. What would you have done if you hadn’t entered the property industry? After studying chemistry at university, I fancied the whole ’Silent Witness’ thing: foresenic science. Realistically though, I probably would have just stayed in FINOs and be pulling you a pint right now. Do you have a mentor? There is no one person. I find myself looking, listening and learning from a whole lot of people in all walks of life. Are your colleagues good to work with? The management department has a young, fresh team, so they are an enthusiastic bunch. Obviously we all have bad days, especially when dealing with awkward residential tenants, and that can make life a bit stressful. But, working in what is generally a fun environment helps alleviate the tension. We have our own Gordon Ramsay, who loses it once in a while. (You know who you are Dave!). What do you like about the property industry? I like the variety of work, the people you meet, and the fact that no one day is like the next. What line of work would you like to specialise in when you qualify? That’s a tough one, as I am only beginning to get an understanding of the breadth of work in the industry. Having said that, I am leaning towards professional services – rent reviews and valuations. I really enjoy negotiating and am a doer rather than a schmoozer. Any near-death experiences? As I commute to work from north London on a scooter, I have a near-death experience pretty much every day. I recently had a nasty late-night accidence that resulted in my having a fairly intimate moment with a traffic island. My scooter was wrecked, my shins were badly beaten up and I took a bad knock to the head. Somewhat battered and bruised, sadly I don’t remember being tended to at the scene by a rather pretty girl. It was only when the ambulance arrived that I became more alert as she pointed out to the paramedics that I had hurt my ’sexy legs’ (her words, not mine). Did anything good come out of it? Before being taken to A&E, I managed to salvage a bit of pride by refusing to use the stretcher and hobbling over to get the girls phone number. What do you look for in a woman? Can I just check, you are from Property Week, not a dating agency? OK, someone with a fun, bubbly personality who is drop-dead gorgeous. What’s on your i-Pod? I have a rather eclectic collection on my iPod, which seems to cause much hilarity in the office. However, at a recent office party I think my colleagues were secretly impressed when Chas’n’Dave’s ’Rabbit’ came on and I led them in a good old-fashioned singalong. What is your mobile ring tone? At the moment it is The Strokes’ ’Heart in a Cage’. What is your greatest ambition? If we are talking fantasy then of course it would have to be play football in the World Cup final for a victorious Italian team. Forza gli Azzurri!