(Fast) Food for thought . . .

It’s always good to report positive news, and what a week it has been for fast food . . .

New operators seem to be popping up daily – Chickn, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Fat Hippo, are just some of the brands (or their agents) we’ve talked to this week. Could this be the start of the Covid bounce-back?  I really do hope so.

Certainly the timing is right for new High Street food operators:

  • Rents are falling
  • Planning has got a little bit easier (Class E)
  • There’s now three strands of demand – eat-in, takeaway and food delivery
  • Landlords are open to new operators

The big winners, in terms of location,  seem to be the suburbs – again no great surprise really as rents are lower, the punters are nearby and, with the switch to home working, there is greater weekday demand than in the past.

Lunch anyone?

Tim Richards – Director, Agency