Flat block owners get right to add floors (no permission needed)

From 1 August, new rules will allow existing blocks of flats to be extended upwards by up to two storeys without the need for planning permission in a push to create new homes.

The new permitted development (PD) right will allow pre-existing detached blocks of flats (built between 1948 and 2018) of three or more storeys to be extended upwards by 2-storeys (total maximum height of 30m) without the need for planning permission.

A Prior Approval process will be required – this means the local Council will consider transport and highways impacts, air traffic and defence asset impacts, contamination and flood risks. It can also consider external appearance, daylight, impact on the neighbouring amenities and protected views.

This will be attractive to developers as PDR consents side-step social housing requirements and most planning financial contributions.

Further changes to the planning system are anticipated, including a PD right to demolish existing commercial properties and replace with new build homes. This is seen as a response to changes in demand for office and retail space, particularly in town/city centres, due to the impact of the coronavirus.

If you are considering improving the value of your asset, a development, or indeed redevelopment or retrofitting project, Aston Rose has the expertise to help you through the whole process, from planning, design and impact studies through to contract administration and project completion. Please get in touch with Tim Richards or Andy Lynch for further details.

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