Flooding – single biggest natural peril facing UK . . .

In recent years the UK has been hit by a series of catastrophic flood events, disrupting the lives and businesses of many communities. The statistics speak for themselves: 2.4 million UK properties are at risk from river and coastal flooding each year; a further 2.8 million properties are susceptible to surface water flooding; annual damage costs are estimated at around £1 billion; and, as many as 40% of business do not reopen after suffering a flood.
The flooding of property results in high remediation costs, as well as major disruption to occupiers and businesses whilst decontamination, drying and reinstatement works are undertaken. So, what can you do to understand and prepare for a flood affecting your business premises?


Firstly, if you don’t already know, check if your premises are in a long-term flood risk zone simply by visiting the Government website. Then, organise a professional property level flood survey and assessment – this will assist landlords, occupiers and developers to better understand the flood risk and implement measures to reduce any risk.

Obviously the risk of flooding can never be eliminated, but there are a range of measures and strategies that you can adopt to significantly reduce the risk. Some of these could include:

  • Resilient finishes and furniture
  • Removable and flexible storage
  • Repairing existing building fabric
  • Sump pump systems
  • Non-return valves on drainage systems
  • Flood doors, barriers and gates


Our building consultancy team can provide specialist property and construction expertise to identify the areas of a property which are at risk to flooding. Once those areas are identified an appraisal of the protection strategy can be undertaken, together with an assessment of resistance or resilience measures that can be implemented. We can then also provide project management services.




Andy Lynch (Head of Building Consultancy at Aston Rose) would be happy to discuss this and any other concerns you may have about your property – andylynch@astonrose.co.uk