Market Visit To China

China is the great economic success story of the past quarter-century and, despite the global recession, it’s economy continues to expand and develop. With the opportunities this presents to the rest of the world, UK Trade and Investment (with support from the European Regional Development Fund), has organised a Mission to the Pearl River Delta region of China. As has been heavily reported in the press, Chinese real estate investors are increasingly looking to invest in commercial property in London, in addition to which wealthy individuals are now making their presence known in the residential market – Chinese Billionaire, Joseph Lau, recently spent £33m on a home in Belgravia. In order to investigate the opportunities in China further, Giuliano Santoro from our Investment Team has joined the Mission and is currently in Dongguan. Giuliano, photographed with Cllr Thomas Chan, Mayor of Redbridge will be posting regular updates on his visit here. Cllr Chan is the first Chinese Mayor in the UK and is heading up the delegation to China.