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Case Studies

Building Consultancy

Top Global Brand

We were approached by the FD of a division of this Global Brand to provide a second opinion as he was about to issue a cheque for £670,000 in settlement of a dilapidations claim. After inspection and challenging the costs schedule we raised Diminution in Value as a ground Under S18 to limit the claim and in conclusion authorised the Client to issue a cheque for £120,000 - saving the client over £500,000!

Something rather unusual

Museum of Scotland

We were instructed by the Museum of Scotland to assist in the transportation of one of the last Concorde's, from Heathrow to a barge on the Thames at Isleworth.

We had to drive along the proposed road route from the airport to the river and take note of any trees or other obstacles which might impede the transportation.

We then had to negotiate with various property owners and local government departments to clear the route.